Osprey Skateboard DECK GRIP TAPE 42" X 11"

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Installing new Osprey Grip Tape is a simple yet effective way to re-vitalise your board. Replacing well-worn grip tape on your board or scooter can not only breathe new life into your board or scooter visually, it can also make for a more grippy ride, perfect for performing tricks and making tight turns with confidence.

The black grip tape comes with an adhesive backing so that it can be fastened to any deck up to 42 inches in length and 11 inches wide. When installing all you need to do is remove the old grip tape from the deck, ensuring any small excess bits around the edges are removed. The new tape can then be peeled off its adhesive backing and placed over the bare deck and secured in place. Any excess tape should then be trimmed off.

Restoring your board or scooter deck is really that simple with the Osprey Grip Tape!


  • Size: 42in x 11in
  • For skateboard and scooter decks
  • Adhesive backing
  • Can be cut to size
  • Provides great grip