Rome Mob Boss Binding

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Flex-with-pop has a new don by the name of the Rome Mob Boss Snowboard Bindings. The Yes, I Cant System offers options for canting for nose and tail power.

    Canting gives you more comfort for wide stances and more power over your nose and tail. Go with 3.5° of canting, or run 0° if you’re looking for a traditional feel. The choice is yours.

    Customization for control and comfort by adjusting the highback angle to match the natural curvature of your stance.

    ConformGrip Toe Strap
    Overmolded TPU grips the toe of your boot while conforming seamlessly to all models on the market.

Tech Details

    Contour Ankle Strap
    V-Rod Unibody
    Mob Highback
    SubBase V-Pad
    Rome Customization Foundation
    Rome QuickTech Foundation