Osprey Pride 31" SKATEBOARD ( Canadian Maple )

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Street Skateboard Only £35.00 Plus Free Sticker Pack.

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Looking for a skateboard produced to the highest specifications and capable of all the tricks, flicks and jumps in the book? Then say hello to the Osprey OSX Pride Skateboard! The skateboard's deck has been made using a quality 7ply wood design of Chinese and Canadian maple. Thanks to its double kicktail deck, tricks and ollies are possible from the word go. The upper deck has been covered with black grip tape to give greater control and stability when riding. The deck also has a concave midsection, allowing flicks, heelflips and other tricks to be executed.


The underside of the skateboard's deck has been painted with a layer of brilliant blue that's fine enough for the gorgeous grain of the wood to shine through. The underbelly has then been decorated with a cool, customised badge featuring the Osprey logo and our unique 'Pride' Graphic emblazoned across the mid section. A blue and black Osprey logo has been printed behind the OSX zinc-cast back truck.


The skateboard's V-style trucks are coloured a funky shade of blue and are attached to the board with cushions and bushings to improve manoeuvrability. As well as being decorated with funky Osprey logos, the stylish white wheels are fitted with ABEC-7 chrome bearings which reduce friction for a slicker, quicker ride. If you're looking for a skateboard that cries out to be ridden and executes tricks and jumps with ease, then the Osprey OSX Pride offers the complete package.

5ply Chinese and 2ply Canadian maple deck
Dimensions: 31in x 8in
Concave mid-section
Double kick tail
80AB black grip tape
85A durometer wheels
13cm V-style aluminium truck
54mm PU injected wheels
ABEC-7 chrome bearings rubber seal and oil lubrication
White bushings
31in skateboard is great for cruising and tricks