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Boardroom Tech the only Independent Snowboard Retailer in Brighton.

Over the Years our Snow is Melting More and More. We made a Decision to Move Out from a Retail High Street Store and to a small Workshop saving on Electricity and Heating, with a small contribution that will help great Sources of the Problem Around the World.

But with this we can't hold all sock in the workshop, so Please Email us in Advance and We Can Bring a Selection of the Items that You're Interested in so You Can Try on or Look at from our lock up.

Unit 4 31 Quebec St,Brighton,BN2 9UZ

Tel 07810 23 66 32 From 7 days a week between 10 to 6pm


Open Time

Wed 12 to 5pm

Sat 12 to 5pm

If you can't make these times please email us.