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The Osprey 8-14mm Riser Pad Set can be installed between the skateboard trucks and deck in order to raise the overall height of the skateboard, perfect for avoiding wheel bite. Wheel bite is when the wheel rubs the skateboard deck during a tight turn or after a trick. Wheel bite causes the wheel to suddenly and violently stop which can cause you injury as well as damage the board.

Our set includes two skate risers that can be fitted using the truck’s own bolts. Once installed, this set will provide an additional 8-14mm of clearance from the wheels, therefore helping to preserve your deck and reducing the risk of your deck becoming cracked due to frequent wheel bite.

In addition to wheel bite, a riser can also help to absorb impact shock which may have otherwise caused your skating gear to loosen. Add a 4mm riser to your skating arsenal and go into those tight turns and perform technical tricks with added confidence.


  • 8-14mm high riser pad
  • Helps eliminate wheel-bite
  • Suitable for all deck designs
  • Increases turning ability of trucks
  • 2 in a pack