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Sushi Firecracker Bearings - ABEC 5 (Pack of 8)

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Precision engineered Abec 5 Bearings from Sushi Skateboards, the Sushi Firecracker Sevens Bearings come in a variety of colours for eye-catching rolling, and they are an expertly manufactured set of 8 bearings from an up-and-coming brand that are made from premium quality chrome steel, with removable rubber shields for easy cleaning. Great value and ready to roll straight out the box as they are pre-lubricated - Highly recommended for all levels of skating.

'We are fools whether we skate or not; so we might as well skate.' The Sushi Skateboards Philosophy rolls deep. A brand that dedicates themselves to creating essential skateboard products, using only raw ingredients to serve up a variety of accessories that suit all tastes.


  • Precision Abec 5 Chrome Steel Bearings with Rubber Shields
  • Abec 5 Rated
  • Multi Coloured Design