Paris V2 150mm / 50° Skateboard Truck Set

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These Paris trucks turn as good as they look and come with a lifetime guarantee - your customers can be assured that these trucks will be on their boards for years to come. Each 150mm Paris Truck is made with brand new, pure metal then gravity molded - this means each truck is poured and then spun in the mold, resulting in a stronger more dense molecular bond. A secondary heat treatment process then adds strength and durability to the final product. 150mm Trucks are perfect for shorter or thinner longboards. 

• 6-Hole Baseplate
• 356.2 Virgin Aluminium Gravity Moulded Baseplate and Hanger
• Grade 8 Steel Axles and Kingpin
• Secondary Heat Treatment Process for added strength and durability
• Special Urethane Bushing Formula for ultimate rebound and vibration dampening