K2 WWW Snowboard

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Global domination is within reach if you're strapped to the K2 WWW Snowboard. The World Wide Weapon spoils riders with supernatural control in the park by seemingly magnetizing itself to any rails you land on. How did it become the world-class jibber it's known as today? Freestyle Baseline™ and Tweekend™ extend surface contact in the nose and tail, providing you with a smooth ride that makes silky butters or pointed tweaks a daily occurrence. It's no surprise that the WWW has a Snowboarder Magazine Platinum Pick award. The K2 WWW Snowboard continues as a world wide terrain park weapon for freestyle revolutionaries everywhere.


Rocker Type

Freestyle Baseline™This versatile twin Rocker is built to dominate any freestyle line. Just enough rise in the tip and tail contact points to create a loose, buttery feel while maintaining instant response and pop.

Tweekend™A revolutionary tweak to the ends of K2's industry leading Baseline technology. By extending the Baseline rocker all the way out to the ends of the board, an additional rideable surface is unlocked, giving you a bigger, more stable platform to press, float and land on.


Flex Rating: 2 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)The Soft flex is perfect for beginners who need a stable platform to balance or those looking to take their jibbing and freestyle to the next level.


True TwinSymmetrical board for seamless regular and switch riding.


W1K2's standard core. This core is characterized by a single species of pure wood which offers flex, durability, and responsiveness.


BiaxialThe classic structure laminate, biaxial glass provides smooth all-purpose performance.


Hybritech™An efficient way to make a snowboard without sacrificing one ounce of performance. This construction features sidewall along the running surface that flows into the nose and tail to provide low swing-weight, optimized turn initiation, and durability.


2000 ExtrudedThis base material is fast in a variety of conditions, it's easy to maintain and exceptionally durable.

Die-Cut BaseBase color displayed may not be available. Base colors may vary.

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Insert Pattern