BUFF® FILTER TUBE MASK ( 4 colour ways )

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The brand-new BUFF® Filter Tube and the BUFF® Filter Mask are designed to provide all day comfort and to act as barrier to prevent COVID-19 spread , when snowboarding this winter you will need a good mask and neck gator when you are on the ski lifts, at high altitudes our breathing is much deeper, so you will need a mask with a filter. Reusable and made from 95% recycled plastic bottles, with life feeling not-so-normal at the moment, we are all working hard to keep ourselves, our families and our communities safe and healthy. The BUFF® Filter Tube and the BUFF® Filter Mask will keep you covered while you enjoy life.

A revolutionary neck warmer for this new season! Featuring certified filters to slow the spread of COVID-19. The new BUFF® Filter Tube is born from re-thinking our iconic Original Multifunctional Tubular and features an inner pocket to place our certified filter with 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency.

The BUFF® Filter Tube ensures maximum breathability and covers your mouth and nose comfortably. Made from recycled fabric, this tubular provides warmth outside, advanced comfort and great versatility for your daily activities.


Made from three combined layers, the filter offers 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and excellent breathability. Made in Germany by Ahlstrom-Munksjö to fit the specific BUFF® Filter Tube and BUFF® Filter Mask designs, this single-use filter is recyclable and glue and latex-free. 30 units replacement Filter Pack is available for adult and kids sizes.

Season: All Year-round
Recommended age: Adult XS/S and M/L and Kids XS/S
Composition: 95% Recycled Polyester 5% Elastane
Care instructions: Machine Wash: Up to 60°C
30 mins max.

Also when the madness ends you can still wear your Buff 12 different ways.


  • BUFF® Filter Tube: reusable tubular made from recycled microfibre. Special design covering your mouth and nose comfortably. Comes in 2 adult sizes and one size for kids
  • Replaceable certified and recyclable filter offering 98% bacterial Filtration Efficiency
  • HeiQ V-Block antimicrobial fabric treatment applied to the inside pocket
  • Adjustable all-day comfort with excellent breathability

Producing sustainable products made of recycled materials is one of our ways to keep contributing to a better world. At BUFF®, we try to make the least possible impact on the environment by promoting a circular economy – actions like reduce, reuse and recycle are a big part of our production process.

Caring about the planet is caring about the people, so we are proud to have reused more than 8 millions of plastic bottles to manufacture many of our sustainable products. Is it enough with making some plastic bottle recycling? Probably not! But every small action counts, and we take steps forward to be more eco-friendly every day.

Comes with 5 replacement filters.