What Sizes Snowboard is right for Me

Your weight, Your height, Personal preference and what part of the Mountain

Most manufacturers go by weight for their boards. There also is the  “chin formula” that might work in with most people and hire shop. A longer board is more stable and a shorter board is more twitchy. If your weight is a little more add a few centimetres to your board length, but do take in to account if you have short legs, so your bindings will not be too far apart. Generally, you can ride a board with a long effective edge length ( side edge) little shorter. In powder conditions you might want a longer or wider board for more flow across the snow. For park riding a shorter board is more responsive when it comes to slides, spins and switch riding.

The following table gives you a rough outline on your choice of board length. If you’re a little heavier or slimmer choose a board with more stiffness or more flex.


Body height in cm Body weight in kg Snowboard size in cm
147 50 - 55 128 - 136
152 52 - 62

133 - 141

158 60 - 65 139 - 147
163 65 - 70 144 - 152
168 67 - 75 149 - 157
173 72 - 79 154 - 162
178 76 - 83 159 - 167
183 (+) 80 - 87 (+)

160 +


 Snowboards all come with a stffness rating, this table below will help you. Also a stiffer board holds a better edge, but a flexible board is more easier to turn.

 Flyweight rider weight -60kg
 Feather rider weight 50-70kg
 Light rider weight 60-80kg
 Middle rider weight 70-90kg
 Cruiser rider weight 80-100kg
 Heavy + 90kg

Customise board width to your exact boot/foot size. If you size UK10 + go for a wider board and if you are small then UK 6 look at ladies or childrens boards.