Ortovox Avalanche Transceivers 3+

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The Ortovox 3+ is a small, three-antenna, avalanche transceiver with a modest range. It has Ortovox's innovative transmitting logic that can increase the distance at which other transceivers will receive its signal

Ortovox 3+

Best For

Those after a simple transceiver with masking and will do some practise.

The Ortovox 3+ is a fully automatic 3 antenna digital transceiver with digital signal masking. The 3+ is as simple as possible with only one button that can be used in search mode and that is only needed in a limited scenario (multiple victims, multiple diggers). Sensitivity adjustment is automatic, and 5 arrows with distance offer directional information during the search to keep the searcher on track.

Search Mode

The 3+ has only one mode using the full array of digital processing tools. To put the 3+ in search mode, the two buttons on the top of the transceiver are pushed apart and the button pops up. In search mode the 3+ will display a course search graphic if no signal is received or show the number of transceivers (1,2,3 or 4+) and the distance and direction to the strongest signal.

As you approach the victim the 3+ increases the volume and frequency of the beeps to keep you moving in the right direction. Under 3 metres the 3+ uses a circular illustration to make pinpointing easier. The 3+ offers digital signal masking so that the signal can be eliminated after probe location, freeing up the searcher before the shovellers have extracted the victim.

The 3+ also has a Recco reflector to assist in resort based professional searches. More marketing than anything else.

Smart Antenna

When in transmit mode the 3+ will select it's transmitting antenna (from the 3 available) to optimise it's own detection. This will maximise the range at which the 3+ is detected if you are buried.

About You

If you like your electronic gizmos simple and menu free then the 3+ will suit you. A great easy to use transceiver with a marking function.